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July 18, 2013
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shifters : Henry L. by K0ii shifters : Henry L. by K0ii
thank you soo soo much =OneNightStar for the invit >v<)9

:icons-h-i-f-t-e-r-s: :icons-h-i-f-t-e-r-s: :icons-h-i-f-t-e-r-s:

i d e n t i t y.

Name Henry Lewis
Gender male
Age 17
D.o.B. may 25th
Height 5'8"
Weight 125lb
Member status cadet

s t a t i s t i c s .

Intelligence [INT] 2/5        Social Skill [SOC] 3/5
Vitality [VIT] 2/5                Agility [AGI] 4/5
Speed [SPD] 5/5                 Strength [STR] 2/5
3D Gear [GEAR] 5/5            Titan shifting [SHIF] 2/5

Titan j u m p e r
Titan Form Henry is able to transform himself into a 7-meter Titan with the same style as his human form. Skin appears on his face and disappears on the rest of his body. His mouth is a little jagged, and same for the skin under his eyes.
His name is base of the look and abilities of the Titan. He has long arms, legs and neck.  Thin and bony, his best point is, -like  Henry , his speed.  Even if he is smaller than some of them, he can jump and run faster.
Henry has lack of control on this form and so, doesn't like transforming.

a b o u t h i m .

► loyal, respectful, honest , friendly , dreamer , starry-eyed
Henry believes in respect and loyalty because it's the basis of education. Disrespect is something he hates, with bad manners and insults. He will receive a punishment without a word, if it comes from a higher-ranking officer. Grade is something important to him, as well as friendship. He easily get attached to people stronger than him
► hyperactive , challenging , brave , curious
He talks. And talks and talks and talks … He can't sit and waits quietly, he needs fresh air and he rarely stays locked inside. Even if he is not strong, he is suicidal - or brave, as you prefer. He likes to feel "alive", adrenaline and risky situations.
► stubborn , idiot , talkative , noisy, still a kid behind his words
Stubborn, he doesn't give up on his opinions, unless he has a high respect of you. However, he doesn't like debates and easily changes the subject to avoid having to admit he's wrong.
► unlucky ?
Because of its statistics, Henry said he is unlucky. Although it is mainly the evidence of his incompetence and his bad deduction. He is good in speed and agility, but his choices are never very smart and he can't analyze a situation.

Likes / Dislikes:
♥ wind                                                                                            ♡ disrespect
♥ running, jumping, climbing                                                            ♡ raining days
♥ 3D Gear                                                                                       ♡ loneliness
♥ Heartbeat feeling                                                                          ♡ waiting and making strategies
♥ honesty                                                                                       ♡ complicated and serious talks
♥ eating a looot. Henry's food is Henry's food. Don't dare to touch.      ♡ not being able to control himself
♥ freedom                                                                                       ♡ weaklings
♥ birds                                                                                            ♡ beer

Henry comes from a poor family and was raised behind the innermost walls. His father and mother were bakers, he lived with the smell of fresh bread in the entire house. He grew with peace and tranquility throughout his childhood  and never cared about Titans, although his parents spoke of them. At thirteen, he had an accident that cost him the paralysis of both legs. Thinking he will never walk again, it was at this time that he discovered his ability of transforming and regeneration. Since then, walking and running are for him his freedom and also one of the reasons why he joined the army as recruit. He likes feeling his life at stake, and live as if it was the last day.

Additional Info.
• He has a hair braid on each side, attached by three strips.
• His favorite meal is soup and bread
• He believes in God
• He doenst understand jokes and flirt
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MidnaPlayer Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
if I was a human titan, I would be a werewolf variant.
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is an original character for a group about shingeki quq
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also I didn't know people made Attack On Titan ocs...suppose I should of expected it though.
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